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The first step is to analyze the initial situation. Which acoustic requirements are defined? To which extent have they been met? Are the current acoustic standards still up-to-date? In comparison, the specific needs are to be identified and evaluated. How important are acoustic features for hotel guests? Which disturbances are particularly relevant and which expectations are particularly important? New criteria and target values need to be identified within the context of cost effectiveness. How can innovative acoustics add value for the hotelier? For the constructional and technical implementation of good acoustics in hotels appropriate concepts and products are required. Which concepts are already being used? Which technologies are still lacking? if the demand is identified and the supply is available, a qualitiy label can render the quality more transparent, prove appreciation and expertise and offer advantages in international competition.

Significance and quality of the individual acoustic features are identified on the basis of acombined data collection. The data are collected by means of a representative opinion poll, a hotel-specific survey of guests and hoteliers and a measurement-based practice analysis. Based on the data collection, a suitable tool for practical application will be developed aiming at a comprehensive acoustic quality assessment. This includes for example a soundcheck for hotels to be able to do a quick preliminary assessment of the acoustic quality and to identify a specific field of action. Another element is a guideline on organizational, constructional and technical design options. A partner and knowledge network consisting of hotels and organizations, architects and planners, construction companies and interior designers, initiated and coordinated by the Fraunhofer IBP, gives input to the presented scope of acoustic design options for its further enhancement. The interdisciplinary exchange promises to provide both tailor-made and economic solutions for good hotel acoustics. First, an independent quality scale is developed to raise awareness and to present acoustic hotel features in a transparent way. This quality scale then can be offered to be integrated into existing classification systems. The results of this initiative will be presented at special events, trade fairs and on the internet.

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